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We are committed to Shaping Your Tomorrow at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness.

Our fitness facility is exceptionally unique to any other gym in Western Sydney. From the moment you enter at Gym Reception, you’ll be welcomed to a non-intimidating, fun and helpful environment. We have built a strong community around health and fitness, and promise you the support on this life-changing journey.


Fast-track your results at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness with assistance from our qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. Realise your potential and get closer to your goals with the option of one-on-one sessions or train with a friend. Get to know our trainers and view our affordable training packages here.

Alex F.
Alex F. When it comes to training, exercise & your health and fitness aspirations,…
Alex G.
Alex G. Through my life experiences, I’ve come to realize that achieving balance between…
Andy V.
Andy V. Exercise and physical activity are integral to a healthy lifestyle and enhancing…
Karl P.
Karl P. I believe in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle through mind-body training.…
Kim W.
Kim W. It is so rewarding to be able to teach and motivate individuals…
Mai N.
Mai N. Success is not measured by the number on the scales, or how…
Michael W.
Michael W. In my life I have experienced the benefits of Pilates from personal…
Michaela H.
Michaela H. Do you want be more energetic, stronger, slimmer and holistically fitter? I…
Wayne H.
Wayne H. My passion is to motivate and inspire people to invest in themselves…
Rosie K.
Rosie K. WHAT IS FLUID X? Fluid X Mission: Freedom of movement, Lifestyle of…


Success Story
Laura Tadros
Joined the gym back in November 2016, was nervous as part of my new healthy lifestyle.
The trainers and staff are amazing & always there for support.
Love the variety of classes and equipment.
I really enjoy the atmosphere.
I would recommend it to anyone thinking of joining a small but great Gym
Success Story
Megan Hadusek
Trust me, you'll never get bored! If classes aren't your thing, the gym is full of equipment to do your own exercises and stretching. I am very impressed with this gym and am so happy to be a member! Well done to the team at Dooley's Health & Fitness! ?
Arkar Kyaw
Because of the friendly staff and a variety of workout equipment. I have been the junior member of the club for two years. I have met many amazing people at the gym and motivate me to work even harder. The membership prices are very flexible and the gym is always clean too. After all I’m very happy to be a part of DOOLEYS Fitness.
Success Story
Been coming here since its inception and have always loved the facilities and atmosphere. More recently though, I accidentally dropped my ring down the bathroom sink but these guys were onto it like anything. Special thanks to Susan, Amy, Kim and the maintenance team for helping me get it back - you guys rock!
Success Story
The good thing about this gym is that they we'll looked after the equipment as well as the hygiene of others that they have now oppose to "No towel no entry" which is good.
Success Story
Ryan Magpayo
Also when doing the group classes the people doing the classes are there for motivation, like for example doing Box fit on the top of the carpark I wanted to give up but my partner told me to keep going. love the club, the staff are beyond amazing and love the atmosphere.
Success Story
Kylie Williams
DOOLEYS Health and Fitness have a great range of equipment, clean facilities, friendly staff and most importantly, motivating trainers. They make it easier to get out of bed bright and early to get my workout in before my day begins.
Suzanne May Success Story
Suzanne May
The staff are always available to answer questions, not only about the equipment you are currently using and how to get the best out of it but also suggestions for other equipment to try. The current Spring program offers 19 different classes that seniors can manage and encourage us to attend them.

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Personal Training DEAL
Personal Training DEAL

Personal training discounts + free drink, exclusively available in MAY!


A chance to win BIG this Autumn with each visit and class!

How to Book in for a Group Fitness Class
How to Book in for a Group Fitness Class

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