Member Support

Complimentary Gym Orientation

Seeking assistance? Allow our knowledgeable gym floor staff to guide you through our complimentary Orientation session.

During this 30 minute session, you’ll embark on a guided tour of the gym, accompanied by demonstrations of diverse equipment situated in distinct zones. We prioritise showcasing proper equipment adjustments, useful tips and safety precautions.

Gym Orientation 30 minutes

In this session, we place a focus on gaining familiarity with the equipment and facility.

  • Facility tour
  • Equipment usage orientation
  • Group exercise classes

Tanita Scan 15 minutes

We’ll check in with you on your body composition using our state of the art Tanita scanner.

  • Body composition scan
  • Breakdown of the results

On-going support

We’ll make sure you’re feeling confident in ‘what’ and ‘how’ while training here at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness.

Our friendly staff are happy to help and support you throughout your fitness journey.

DOOLEYS Health + Fitness App

DOOLEYS Health + Fitness App gives you ease of access to a featured exercise program, along with helpful demonstrations.

Here you will also access your body composition results, a good accountability check!

This extra helping hand is FREE to download from the app store as a DOOLEYS Health + Fitness Member.

How can I book an Orientation?

Eligible members that require the extra assistance can see one of our friendly staff anytime to book an appointment.

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