About Us

Who we are

Here at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness we are more than a gym, we are a community! We are committed to your health and fitness goals, that is why we offer a range of services from personal training to group fitness to support this life-changing journey.

Our fitness facility is exceptionally unique to any other gym in Western Sydney. From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed to a non-intimidating health focused atmosphere that offers the support and guidance every step of the way!

Train your way

We believe every fitness journey is unique, that’s why our gym floor is spacious enough to get in your workout. The floor space is like a playground full of equipment that targets every muscle in your body to get you working to your maximum potential. Whether your goal is to build muscle in our strength zone, improve cardiovascular health or increase core strength, we have the equipment for you on the floor! There’s always assistance by one of our qualified Personal Trainers.

FX Zone

A cosy space designed for functional training, which combines the best of power, speed, agility and strength for an intense workout. Classes run daily, with X-treme, BoXing and Core-X. When this space is not in use for classes, it’s free to use for your own heart racing workout with a whole bunch of equipment to use. For more information on the classes and times, see timetable.

Group Exercise Classes

If you’re looking for team training and a push from our Group Fitness Instructor, then our Group Exercise Classes will you give the motivation and guidance you’re looking for. With over 50 fitness classes available it caters to all fitness levels and body or mind conditioning, whether you’re wanting an intense cardio hit with BoxFit or Yoga to ease your muscles and mind into relaxation.

Gym Orientation & Support

When you sign up as a member you receive a complimentary orientation to guide and assist you in familiarizing yourself with the facilities, equipment, and safety precautions. Aimed to help you feel comfortable, confident as you ease yourself into a safe and productive experience, making the most of your workouts.

We also offer free Tanita body composition scans to track your progress.

We are fully staffed: This means, no matter the time of the day or night, we have someone ready to answer any questions you may have.

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