Michael W.

Michael W.

Michael W.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Certificate IV in Pilates

In my life I have experienced the benefits of Pilates from personal practice and passing on what I continue to learn to my clients. My specialty is working with older adults and people with issues after being cleared for exercise by their doctor or physiotherapist. My programs incorporate exercises based on functional movement that develop body self-awareness in daily activities and enable self-practice. It is an exercise program that aims to help all adults begin a program which will improve their strength and flexibility, so as to enjoy better mobility for today and for as long as possible.

You and I have a unique opportunity to engage in changing your life through Pilates practice. I conduct group exercise classes and personal training sessions that are all based on Pilates principles. The classes support the personal training. Personal training provides an opportunity to begin or continue the Pilates journey and feel the benefits sooner.


  • Training for older adults
  • Pilates
  • Mobility and Movement

Interesting fact about you

I am a Group Fitness Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer

What inspires you?

To continue to improve my quality of life for as long as I can through fitness.

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