Better Living – Strength, Circuit and Cardio

Intensity: Moderate

Suitable for older adults. Discounted Seniors Card Holder rates are available.
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What do I need?

  • Towel
  • Water
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The Better Living program is designed DOOLEYS Health + Fitness who hold a senior’s card and want to reap the benefits of moving more, more often. The program is designed to deliver exercise classes and effective programs a part of a vibrant community at an affordable rate.

The Stronger, Fitter, Faster Group Training program is hosted by a team of experienced coaches to deliver exercise in a lively group environment with the aim to:

  • Increase bone density
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve cardio vascular health

Low bow density and in turn a lack of stability and strength is a common reason why falls are experienced so frequently, particularly in the age group of 65 years plus. Falls can be prevented with the appropriate strength and conditioning training – this is exactly what the Stronger, Fitter, Faster program offers.

Our team of coaches are committed to helping the Stronger, Fitters, Faster community walk out of each session more body aware, more conscious of their movements and even more able as they take on the physical challenges that day to day life demands from us.