Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are to ensure that we provide a positive, inviting and comfortable environment for all Patrons. This is also a Risk Warning. These terms and conditions also regulate your rights and our obligations in important ways. We ask that you read and acknowledge them by signing and dating at the bottom of this document.

All members

  • DOOLEYS Health and Fitness (the Facility) is a section within DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club Limited ACN 000 963 244 (the Club).
  • Membership of the Facility means the right to make reasonable use of the Facility in accordance with these terms and conditions (Conditions).
  • You agree to pay joining and membership fees at ruling rates as they fall due under the Club’s ruling arrangements in place from time to time for your type of membership and usage, and in addition to Club membership fees. Ongoing Facility membership is strictly conditional on you being up to date with payments. That includes (where applicable) paying renewal fees for any subsequent period.
  • Membership cards must be presented on every visit to the Facility. Entry may be refused if a membership card cannot be presented or is not current. You must maintain Club membership to continue as a Facility member. You may not enter the Facility if your Club membership has expired or has been terminated or suspended.
  • You must also observe the requirements of the Constitution and By-Laws, and reasonable directions, of the Club.
  • The Club at its discretion may terminate your Facility membership agreement without prior notice for any non-compliance with these Conditions or any behaviour or action that the Club deems inappropriate.
  • You must complete a pre-exercise health check if required by the Club before participating in any activity within the Facility.
  • Membership commences from the date of your membership application, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • The facilities and services available may change without notice. Changes do not affect your membership.
  • Membership is personal and may not be lent, sold, swapped, redeemed or transferred (that also applies in relation to single visit memberships). You must present your membership card for admittance and may be refused admittance without a card. You may be required to pay a fee for replacement of a lost or stolen membership card. Your membership of the Facility and the Club are liable to immediate termination if anyone else makes use of your membership card.
  • You are not guaranteed a place in any group exercise class as numbers are limited for safety reasons, nor guaranteed access to equipment or at a time.
  • Membership entitles you to make reasonable but not excessive personal use of the Facility and any free-of-charge services as they are available within the Facility from time to time, shared with other users.
  • The Club reserves the right to adjust, cancel or reschedule any Group Exercise programme. The actual facilities and services, and hours of availability are adjusted at the discretion of the Club. There may be special requirements for advance bookings or charges for special arrangements or services. The availability of a facility or service at a time is also dependent on the availability of staff or equipment and on the level of usage by others.
  • For safety reasons members are not allowed entry to any Group Exercise class more than 10 mins after it starts or after the “warm up” component of the class has been completed. Members are advised to arrive 10 mins prior to the commencement of a class.
  • For safety reasons you must not bring children into any dedicated exercise areas or to leave them unattended. The Club accepts no responsibility for children either brought into the gym or left unattended in any area of the gym at any time.
  • You must remove personal items from lockers at the conclusion of your training session. Any items left in lockers at the close of business may be treated as abandoned and removed and discarded or recycled by the Club.
  • The Club may close part or all the Facility for a special occasion or for repairs or refurbishment, from time to time. You are not entitled to any suspension of membership fees, extension of membership or refund where a closure is by decision of the Club and for not more than 2 days or is caused by anything beyond the reasonable control of the Club.
  • The Club takes no responsibility for any personal belongings whether left in lockers or storage areas provided.
  • All Facility memberships are refundable if cancelled within 7 days of joining. However, from any refund the Club holds back fees and charges for any services utilised including assessments and programmes within that period (at the ruling separate rates) and also the joining fee. After 7 days memberships are not refundable.
  • The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the Facility on any occasion, without giving a reason. Any patrons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are excluded if detected. Abusive, disruptive or offensive behaviour and language are not permitted.
  • No pass outs are issued.
  • You must not bring any video camera or other camera or recording device into the Facility. While the use of mobile phones and/or iPad type devices is allowed, these devices must not be used to take or make any video, photo or recording.
  • Patron’s bags may be searched.
  • No pets or animals are permitted in the Facility, except for Guide Dogs.
  • Items and areas within the Facility must be used solely for their designated purposes and nothing else.
  • Direct debit membership sales do not accrue Club rewards points.
  • The term ‘Full Memberships’ includes Lifestyle Direct Debit, Family Direct Debit, Off Peak, Flexi, 6 and 12 Month upfront memberships.

Direct Debit Memberships

  • All direct debit payments are managed on behalf of the Facility by a third-party billing company.
  • Direct debit memberships cannot be purchased using DOOLEYS Rewards points.
  • You may place your membership on hold with 14 days written notice.
  • You must give 30 days’ written notice to exercise any right stated in these Conditions to terminate your membership.
  • You cannot terminate a P.A.Y.G Membership unless you make a minimum of 2 full fortnightly payments.
  • A fortnightly membership continues indefinitely until you terminate by giving the required 30 days’ notice.
  • With a Flexi Direct Debit, Family Direct Debit and Off-Peak Direct Debit membership, you must complete the minimum term (26 fortnightly debits) and then may terminate at any time by giving the required 30 days’ notice.
  • To exercise a stated right to terminate your membership you must complete a termination form at the Facility reception. Notice of termination cannot be given by phone or email.
  • If you wish to terminate your membership within the contract term stated on the Direct Debit form, a $200 exit fee applies.
  • If you are within a contract period and permanently re-locate 10km or more away from DOOLEYS Health + Fitness, you may cancel your contract so long as you supply official documentation showing your new home address and give 30 days’ notice, as per the standard cancellation process.
  • A direct debit membership cannot be cancelled while the account is on hold. A member wishing to cancel their membership must come off hold and give the appropriate 30 days’ notice to cancel.

Off peak memberships

  • Provides access between 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday plus normal operating hours on weekends.
  • Access outside of these times requires an additional fee at ruling rates.
  • Corporate sponsored memberships
  • Corporate sponsored memberships are still personal memberships and are based on a Lifestyle direct debit membership minimum payment term of 2 payments.
  • Separate rates apply depending on the number of employees sponsored.
  • You must produce proof of sponsorship.
  • When sponsorship cease on termination of employment, normal Facility membership rates apply from then on and are your personal responsibility.

On hold periods

  • Complimentary “on hold” periods apply to Flexi, Family, Off Peak, lifestyle, 12 and 6 month upfront memberships ONLY.
  • The minimum single hold period is 7 days.
  • Lifestyle, off-peak, flexi, Family direct debit memberships and 12month upfront can be placed on hold free of charge for a maximum total period of 4 weeks per calendar year; and can be extended further for up to 12 weeks at $5 p/fortnight.
  • 6-month upfront memberships can be placed on hold free of charge for a maximum total period of 2 weeks per calendar year; and can be extended further for up to 6 weeks at $5 p/fortnight.
  • 10 Visit passes are not entitled to hold unless a medical certificate is provided prior to the start date of the hold period

Transfer of Membership

  • You may transfer your direct debit or 6- and 12-month upfront membership for a $40 fee.
  • The person taking over the membership will need to live out the remaining minimum payment term left over by the original member, as stated on the contract term.
  • A transfer can only apply to a person who has not been a member of DOOLEYS Health + Fitness for at least 2 months.


  • No joining fee applies when upgrading to a ‘full membership’ from a 10 Visit Pass within 1 month of the pass expiring
  • An upgrade between direct debit memberships can only go from a flexi to a 26-payment contractual membership.

Promotional Offers

  • ‘Buddy Up Bonus’ includes 4 weeks free membership given to the person referring a new member. This offer is only valid when the referring member has passed their 7-day cooling off period. The 4 weeks free membership will apply to current member’s membership once the new member has passed their 7-day cooling off period. Offer is only valid when both the referring member and referred member are on a Standard, Family, Off Peak or 6- and 12-Month upfront membership. Referring must be with the referred member when joining to receive the bonus.
  • All promotional offers are limited to the terms and conditions produced with the offer.

Joining fee

  • A joining fee of $99 applies to both Upfront and Direct debit memberships
  • If renewing your membership within 1 month of expiry, no joining applies. However, if you re-join after that, the joining fee applies.

Casuals / 10 Visit Pass

  • 10 Visit Passes are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase
  • Visits not used within three months from date of purchase time will be forfeited
  • Casuals are not entitled to an assessment or exercise program.
  • All casual users must sign in at the Club reception before every visit.
  • To be eligible for a senior 10 visit pass a current NSW seniors’ card must be shown at the time of purchase


  • Fitness Australia guidelines recommend that all males over the age of 35 and females over the age of 45 have a medical assessment including an exercise ECG and cholesterol and lipid count before commencing an exercise program.
  • Always read any exercise advice carefully.
  • It is strongly recommended that you ask a staff member to guide you as you choose the most suitable class or program.
  • Always work at a low level on your first visit or after a long break from training and concentrate on learning to do the exercise correctly.
  • Be sure to limit yourself to a pace where you can still talk comfortably.
  • If you suffer any illness or condition in the future, you must tell us so that we may update your file.


  • Terms and conditions may vary dependending on programs, promotions and services at which management will have terms and conditions readily available specific to the program, promotion or service.

Risk Warning

  • The Club hopes that all users will have an enjoyable and rewarding time and that proper use of the Facility will have health benefits. However, any activity carries inherent risks, and no one can guarantee there will never be a mishap.
  • You use the Facility and participate in any activity at the Facility entirely at your own risk.
  • Serious harm and even loss of life could result from an accident or from an unexpected equipment breakage or from an action of someone else using the Facility or from a direction or suggestion of a member of staff. Following signage directions and safety rules should reduce but does not remove the risks.
  • Each time you attend the Facility, you represent to the Club that you are in appropriate physical condition and that you know of no medical or other reason why you should not engage in whatever activity you intend or actually do undertake at the Facility, without detriment to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of you or anyone else.
  • Staff and other persons who may work within the Facility, are not medically trained and are not qualified to give medical advice or to make a medical assessment of your physical condition or your fitness or health. Any health screening, check or recommendation is not a medical assessment and is only to provide suggestions that you need to carefully consider considering your own circumstances and medical advice you should obtain from your doctor.
  • The Club strongly advises you to take medical advice prior to undertaking any exercise program or other physical activity, if you are in any doubt about your condition or fitness.
  • The Club makes no representation regarding the suitability of the Facility (and in these Conditions wherever the context permits, any reference to the Facility includes each item, facility and service provided in connection with the Facility) or the way the Facility operates or is used.
  • Any liability that the Club would otherwise have in any way in connection with any service provided to you or your use of the Facility under any guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law relating to death or personal injury, is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • These Conditions overrule any other form. These Conditions prevail even if they are inconsistent with anything in any earlier or later correspondence, form or other document.

Other conditions

  • You indemnify the Club from and against all claims, loss, damage, costs and expenses to the extent caused or contributed to by your negligence or illegal or unlawful act or breach of any of these Conditions or resulting from the impounding or removal of anything that you bring into the Facility.
  • The Club does not waive its rights by delay or non-enforcement. No waiver or variation of these Conditions is effective unless in writing signed by the CEO.
  • You must not undertake any commercial activity of any nature within the Facility without the prior written consent of the Club and you must use the Facility only for personal recreational use. You must not conduct any personal training or exercise instruction of any kind; or any lottery, raffle, guessing game, game of chance, side-show or competition on or near the Facility, without the prior written consent of the Club and other necessary authorisations.
  • You must not be involved in nor permit any television, radio or other communication medium broadcast from the Facility or the environs of the Facility.
  • From time to time the Club will take photos/video for promotional purposes. While the Club will make every reasonable effort to request permission to use your image for any promotional purposes, on occasion your image may be used without permission and you authorise this use including authorising others to use your image in relation to any representation of the Facility.
  • In some cases, goods or services may be provided within the Facility by other parties including in some cases other parties with whom the Club has a contractual relationship. Any claim as a result of anything done or omitted by any such other party (whether payment has been made through the Club) must be brought against and is the sole responsibility, of that other party and not the Club. You release the Club from any claim in connection with any act or omission by any such person.
  • Facility use and entry conditions and other like conditions, where relevant, apply in addition to these Conditions.
  • You may be removed from the Facility if you do not follow these Conditions. You must observe and comply with all signs, requirements and directions and all laws and regulations.
  • Whether or not lockers are provided, the Club does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to any item that you bring to the Facility even if inside a locker even when locked. If lockers are provided, you may be required to pay an additional fee for use or to replace a lost or stolen key. Any locker is only available on a sessional basis and subject to other conditions specified in any locker area.
  • These Conditions are legally binding and enforceable by the Club. Any bolding is for additional emphasis but does not affect the interpretation and all Conditions apply and are important.

HYGIENE – Towels must always be used on equipment. Towels are available for hire or sale from reception for $3. As a courtesy to other members, body deodorant must always be used.

IMPORTANT – You may only use Club parking facilities whilst you are on the premises. You must remove your vehicle if you are leaving the Club premises. All early morning users must show their membership card to the parking attendant on entry and park as directed in the designated car spaces only. In the interests of other members, car parking is not to be used at other times. It is a serious breach of member obligations to leave a car in the car park when not using the club facilities. A breach of this requirement is a basis for disciplinary action including termination or suspension of Facility and Club membership without any refund of unused or unexpended fees.

  • I acknowledge that I have been given the option of choosing a membership based on a fortnightly billing agreement and have chosen to pay my membership by periodic billing / pre-pay my entire membership fee. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand these conditions including the risk warning and indemnity conditions.
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