Gym Update: Friday 4th December 2020

Exciting times ahead for DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

DOOLEYS Development Plans

DOOLEYS has recently announced that approval has been granted for the first phase of the Lidcombe Masterplan project, the Concourse at Lidcombe.

What does this mean for the gym? A bigger gym?! More equipment?! More classes?! We can’t share the exact details as of yet as we have many proposals on what the gym needs. However we can assure you that this is the official beginning for the wider masterplan that DOOLEYS envisions.

What’s BACK/ON at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness:

  • 3 lucky members will win a $200 Eftpos card each for the HIT x 40 challenge this week
  • Everyone’s favourite wheel! SPIN THE WHEEL is BACK this December!
  • Tai Chi is BACK on our summer timetable!
  • We’re bringing Youfoodz BACK Deliciously healthy 🙂
  • Christmas season is near and we’ve got 3 x $100 Hampers we are giving away!
  • Expect BOOTCAMP to be BACK in summer with the HIIT man Coach Karl!
  • What about the children? Fit Kids is BACK for the school holidays!
  • Class participant numbers will increase from 7th December as per NSW Government Announcement!

For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Update on current/common Feedbacks

Thank you to all our members who have been patient and understanding with all that is happening in our gym, your ongoing support and consideration does not go unnoticed. Please note we appreciate the feedback we receive as it helps us improve your training experience, we take all feedback for review and action accordingly within our constraints. Please see below the common feedback we are currently receiving and the steps we are taking.


Due to the 1 person per 4m2 restriction by NSW Health in place, we are limited to the number of people in the change room and therefore, showers remain off. We believe this rule might be lifted soon and look forward to opening the showers again for our members to use!


We have recently upgraded our aircon unit to tackle the heat waves Sydney is currently experiencing, enjoy the cool air while you train!

Squat Rack:

You asked, we listened! A fourth Squat Rack is on the way and will be arriving within the next week. We are required to space equipment out and as a result, will be relocating the incline chest press to make room for the squat rack until we can bring all equipment back. This will happen as soon as the Government announces we can have more than 1 person per 4m2 in gyms.

Water Bubbler:

The water bubbler on the gym floor is currently distributing room temperature water – We are getting a brand new chilled unit that will replace the current unit.

Again we thank you all for your commitment you show to your health and fitness, we will continue to strive our best to offer you a safe, clean, hygienic, COVID Safe and exceptional experience every time you walk through our doors. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to email us on or if you wish to speak to myself Neil directly to clarify any of the points above please don’t hesitate to email me on

Neil Kyaw

Health & Fitness Club Manager

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