CITY2SURF 2024 - Terms and Conditions


City2Surf 2024 will be held on 11/08/2024. DOOLEYS members can join TeamDOOLEYS and earn prizes for attending/raising funds. To join TeamDOOLEYS, members must do so at the gymreception desk (password is required to join the team). Participants do not have to be a member of the gym. The following prizes are to be awarded:

If member finishes City2Surf                 = $50 food and beverage voucher

AND raises ≥$250.00                           = 2 weeks free

The top 3 fundraisers                           = special prize



To be considered a part of TeamDOOLEYS for this event:

  • Have an active DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club membership
  • Registered at gym reception and is a part of TeamDOOLEYS on 11/08/2024

To receive $50.00 food and beverage voucher, above eligibility AND:

  • Attended and completed the event on 11/08/2024

To receive 2 weeks free, above eligibility AND:

  • Raised $250.00 by 11/08/2024 as reflected on Grassrootz fundraiser page

The top 3 fundraisers will receive a special prize as decided by the DOOLEYS Health + Fitness management team.

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