Part two of the 7 Pillars of Strength Training

Rep and Set range based on your goal

After you have selected what exercises you will be doing in your workout, you will need to select the rep ranges you use. Rep ranges will vary depending on what your goal is.

If your goal is to improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness, you may utilise higher rep ranges to fatigue the muscle, getting it ready for longer endurance workouts. This usually means completing sets of an exercise with 20 or more reps. This type of training can make your muscles very sore, due to the long period of time the muscles are under tension. You will also need to use lighter loads to ensure you do not fatigue before reaching your desired reps.

If your goal main goal is to build muscle, or improve both strength and endurance slowly, you will complete exercises within the 8-20 rep range. You will need to utilise loads that aren’t too heavy, but aren’t too light to ensure you remain within the desired rep range and fatigue at the appropriate time.

If your goal is strength, and to build some muscle, you will complete exercises in the rep range of 1-7 reps. The loads you will use when doing exercises in this range are heavy and should be challenging as soon as the set starts. Furthermore, ensure your form is good when completing exercises in this range as your risk of injury can be higher!

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