How You Can Prepare

DOOLEYS Health + Fitness have been advised that, all visiting members, guests, and staff can only access the club premises if they are fully vaccinated or medically exempt.

Here are some frequently asked questions that may also assist you.

How can I prove I’m fully vaccinated?

You can prove you are fully vaccinated through your:

Where can I access my proof of vaccination?

You can access your proof of vaccination (COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement) using:

How can I get proof in hard copy?

You can ask your vaccination provider to print your immunisation history statement.

You can also call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

What if I can’t get vaccinated?

Subject to the legislation which mandates vaccinations, people who can’t be vaccinated may be permitted to enter the club if they obtain a “contraindication certificate” in the approved form (which can be found here). Please consult your medical practitioner for further information. It is likely that we will only be permitted to accept a medical exemption in the approved form.

How can I prove to the DOOLEYS staff that I’m fully vaccinated or medically exempt?

You can show our staff proof of vaccination:

  • Open your Express Plus Medicare mobile app, click “Immunisation history” and then click “View COVID-19 digital certificate”
  • Access our COVID-19 digital certificate in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  • Present a hard copy of your immunisation history statement
  • Present a hard copy of a medical exemption (contraindication certificate) in the approved form completed by a medical practitioner.

We kindly ask that you have this information ready before you arrive at the club, to prevent crowding.

How will the DOOLEYS staff know my proof of vaccine or medical exemption is authentic?

At our discretion, we may attempt to verify that your “proof of vaccine” is authentic. We remind you that it is a federal offence to falsify this information.

Do I have to show my proof of vaccination every time I visit the gym?

No, all gym members will only need to show it once on their first visit.

Where can I find more information about vaccination?

Further information on accessing and proving your vaccination status can be found on the Services Australia website (here) and the NSW Government website (here).

We are committed to providing and enforcing a Covid-Safe DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

Conditions of entry and use of DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

  • All members and staff will have our temperature checked and cleared by a DOOLEYS Health + Fitness team member to ensure good health prior to entering the building
  • All members and staff must be fully vaccinated to enter the premises
  • All members and staff must wear a mask, if you do not have one please see gym reception for a complimentary mask
  • Equipment has been spaced to maintain 1.5m social distancing
  • As a result of the above point, some equipment is unavailable until restrictions and regulations are eased
  • Equipment is not to be moved around, (i.e. weight benches in the strength zone)
  • We recommend members bring their own Gym Mat for classes and general gym use
  • Members and staff will sanitize their hands before entering and exiting each area using the abundance of hand sanitizing dispensers located all around the facility
  • Please disinfect equipment before and after use using the cleaning stations that have been posted all around the gym
  • A towel must always be used
  • Hands must be sanitized before and after using lockers
  • Social distancing indicators have been placed at reception, in the Core Zone, in the FX Zone and in the Group Fitness studio to maintain distance between members
  • We have brought on amazing humans who are working around the clock to disinfect all touch points including railings and gym equipment as well as cleaning of the change rooms.
  • We ask that you do not use the lift if you do not need to. In the instance you do need to use it – one-person at a time please (unless being accompanied for essential reasons)

Group Fitness

  • Bookings for Group Fitness must be made through the DOOLEYS Health + Fitness Phone App
  • Participants and instructors must wear a mask
  • Classes are limited to the number as shown on the app at the time of booking
  • If you book in for a class but do not attend and do not cancel your booking, your account will be suspended from bookings for a 24-hour period.
  • You will be able to book in a maximum of 2 hours prior to the class start via the app
  • We recommend  you bring your own Exercise Mat to classes and for general gym use
  • Classes are exclusive to full gym members and are unavailable to casual members and guests until further notice
  • Members are required to wait on the main level of the Gym for all members to leave the studio level before being permitted entry upstairs by a DOOLEYS Health + Fitness staff member
  • Classes have been redesigned to ensure no sharing of equipment
  • Members must wipe down equipment before and after use
  • Members must sanitize hands at the stations available before entering and when exiting the studio
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