The Golden Rules at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

Golden Rules at Dooleys Health + Fitness

We are passionate about creating a clean and safe environment for all members and guests to enjoy.

Members and guests must use a towel. If you forget your towel, you can hire one from Gym Reception for $3.

Furthermore, limiting and or not using phones or having long conversations while stationed at a machine and not exercising is also discouraged as there could be another member waiting to use that machine.

Also, returning equipment, wiping your own machine after use and not leaving your belongings laying around the gym floor is also heavily promoted.

Please note, the team at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness do their best to manage and enforce these rules. If you are approached by a team member, your cooperation is appreciated – as maintaining an environment everyone can enjoy is paramount to our service promise.

Thanks for helping us, help you!

Please carry a towel at all times

Please carry a towel at all times during your workout. By using a towel, you are preventing the spread of bacteria and germs! Our gym staff do the best to ensure all members are using towels by asking on entry.

If you have forgotten your towel, you can hire one from Gym Reception for $3.

Treat Equipment with care

Returning equipment makes it easier for the next person to locate what they’re looking for and prevents trip hazards!

Dropping and slamming weights is also prohibited at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness.Dooleys Health and Fitness Person on Exercise ball Icon

Please return all equipment

Please return your weights & equipment to the correct storage place after use.

You never know when someone is waiting to use the machine you are on. We ask that you please efficiently work through your sets to allow for others to use the machines too.Dooleys Health and Fitness Dumbell Icon

Please remember to wear deodorant

During your workout, Please remember to always wear deodorant.Dooleys Health and Fitness Aerosol Can Icon

Please do not use mobile devices

Please do not use mobile devices for prolonged periods while using a machine.Dooleys Health and Fitness Phone Icon

Please wipe down equipment after use

There are antibacterial wipes available all around the gym. Wiping down machines after use prevents the spread of bacteria and germs.Dooleys Health and Fitness Tissue Box Icon

Lockers are provided for your convenience

Please do not leave belongings on the floor while training.

During peak periods, please limit machine use

During peak periods, please limit machine use to a maximum of 20 minutes.Dooleys Health and Fitness Stopwatch Icon