We welcome back our 6 week challenge into the DOOLEYS Health + Fitness calendar due to popular demand. With so many success stories from our previous challenges, paired with the strengthening of the gym’s community as a whole, we’ve decided to bring it back on. Our 6 week challenge is designed to take your training to the next level with our highly dedicated & experienced coaches Phillip Liao and Karl Pratley.

Darren’s Testimony

‘The last 2 challenges have been amazing for me for gaining both physical and mental strength, I had to give myself a serious kick up the butt back in April and make some lifestyle changes in which the challenge helped me so much.’ – Darren Cooke

6 Week Challenge Registration Form

  • Personal Details

  • Getting to know you...

  • E.g: Sports on the weekend and gym training 3 times a week, E.g: On and off training for 3 months now
  • E.g Competitive swimmer 5 years ago
  • My Commitment..

  • Terms and Conditions

    • I understand I must be a DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club Member
    • I understand I must be a Active DOOLEYS Health + Fitness Member
    • The training involves High Intensity training in a group environment and any activity or training at that level carries risk
    • I have confirmed I am medically clear and that I have no injuries that could be affected or worsen by undertaking physical activity
    • I can take a break when needed regardless of being encouraged to work hard and at a high intensity if I feel it is in the best interest of my health
    • The location may change subject to parking demands and weather
    • I have provided my most up to date contact details and am contactable via SMS for all updates and changes to the program
    • I agree to pay $119 within 5 days of submitting this form for my registration to be valid otherwise my spot may be filled by another member

Please see gym reception at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness to make payment and secure your spot!

Please click here for the full terms and condition

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