Live Heart Rate Training at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

Live Heart Rate Training and it's benefits!

Get connected to experience Live Heart Rate training during your workout.

Pushing past a perceived feeling of comfort to enter new thresholds of intensity is where results lie during a workout.

Connecting to team beats gives you a quantifiable indication of ‘how hard’ you are working by displaying the heart rate training zones you’re working in, and therefore the effort you are putting in.

This information gives the coach a valuable way to understand you during a workout, providing opportunity to then coach you in the most efficient way to maximize results.

Step 1 - Download the App

Download the DOOLEYS Health + Fitness App and create an account.

Step 2 - Get a Heart Rate Device

Hire a Heart Rate Monitor from Gym reception or bring your own Bluetooth Ant+ Enabled heart rate training device.

Step 3 - Connect before class

Arrive early to class to the Coach can assist you in getting connected to the Kiosk, especially if it’s your first time using it!


See a team member where we’ll show you how to get connected!

Step 4

Work, work, work!

Step 5

If you’ve hired a monitor, make sure to disconnect the device and hand back to reception.

If you’re using your own, you can stay connected!

Step 6

Do it all over again to build your performance results and track the progress you are making!