Phil Liao


Phil Liao

Masters of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Certificate III & IV in Fitness

From the moment we are born, our development as human beings has been closely linked to movement. We crawl before we stand. We stand before we walk. Walk before we run. As our capacity to move increases, our world expands. The more physical challenges we overcome, the stronger we become because we force our DNA to become stronger. The longer we keep this up – the longer we can remain strong and interact with the world around us. The less we do, the weaker we become and the world becomes smaller. It doesn’t just stop there. The stronger we build ourselves up to be, the better genes we can pass onto our future children. Every time we train, we are literally changing our own physiology. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything to start – the only thing you need is commitment. We can solve the rest together.


  • Strength and General Population Conditioning
  • Progressive Resistance Training
  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Fitness for Fertility
  • Senior Strength and Power

Interesting fact about you

  • I represented Australia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games as an athlete
  • Lived in Nepal promoting physical activity in orphanages and local schools
  • Favourite movie is Toy Story 1

What inspires you?

Mum. Dad. Nature!

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