Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson Personal Trainer Dooleys

Michael Wilkinson

My name is Michael and I am a group fitness instructor and Personal Trainer at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness.

About Me

I am writing this for you as I feel I know you although I haven’t met you or know you by name. Sometimes you feel the joints are getting a little stiffer, you don’t move as freely as you did, you would like to be stronger. It is getting harder to get in and out of a chair. You would like to put back a bit of zing back into your life. These issues I can personally relate to in my life.

The difference between you and me is that I am very focused and proactive, and I have taken it to heart and become a fitness professional for the purpose of helping myself and helping you.

I am not suggesting you do what I did as I am very difficult to live with as my wife will testify.

But the world needs both you and me.

I encourage you this time to take the first step. Talk about coming to a class with a friend. Buddy up or just bring yourself to the gym and talk to the friendly staff at reception.

I am waiting for you to come to a class to learn your name and for you to meet some more friends, to belong to an exercise group and enjoy more quality of life for longer. You deserve it.

The Better Living Program is designed to facilitate exercises and movement specifically for over 65 year olds in a fun, helpful and welcoming environment!