Alex G.

Alex G.

Alex G.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Through my life experiences, I’ve come to realize that achieving balance between exercise and life is paramount for fostering both happiness and health. I’m here to assist you in crafting a practical approach to fitness, one that seamlessly integrates into the everyday rhythm of life. Together, we’ll navigate the path of adaptability, ensuring that your fitness routine not only fits your busy lifestyle but also brings you joy and fulfilment along the way. Trust in your journey, and remember, progress is progress no matter how small.


  • Strength/resistance training
  • Fat loss
  • Functional training
  • Body weight exercises

Interesting fact about you

I am an avid cyclist and women’s development coordinator for my cycling club. I have also participated in multiple cycling races/events.

What inspires you

Making an impact on people’s lives, and knowing you are capable of anything if you set your mind to it.

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