Lisa Hodge

Resident Nutritionist
DOOLEYS Health + Fitness


Bachelors of Human Nutrition
Bachelors of Exercise Science

About Lisa

Lisa Hodge has been with DOOLEYS Health + Fitness since early 2017. She has a drive for helping people make the right food choices to support their lifestyle and for the betterment of their long term health.

With a Bachelor of Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Lisa is aware of the mechanics behind food and exercise, but more importantly how it can impact the way we live. More so, how food choices can enhance our quality of life!

As a part of Lisa’s educational background and passion for nutrition, she has made it part of her mission to support, educate and motivate others to adapt healthy eating habits and make the best lifestyle choices to benefit her clients’ in the long term.  

With lots of gimmicky fads and theories claiming the  “quickest” alternative to losing weight – Lisa makes nutrition planning a better option to incorporate in our lifestyle, that meets with best balance of essential nutrients your body requires. Important and often basic information, that can be quickly forgotten or not realised.  

If nutrition is something you look to integrate in your health and fitness regime, fill out an enquiry form below and Lisa will be in contact with you very shortly.

First Consultation: $70 (60 Minutes)

Following Consultations: $50 (30 Minutes)

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