Les Mills RPM

Intensity: High

Suitable for all fitness levels

What do I need?

  • Towel
  • Water
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Indoor Cycling. Burn Calories. Improve your cardio and heart health. Set your own pace. Join a community that feels like a team. Improve your body’s ability to recover. Build lean muscle definition.

Just a few benefits that you will experience as a result of experiencing Les Mills RPM classes. Low impact to the joints while burning max calories and boosted cardiovascular fitness. Suitable for all levels of fitness with you being in complete control of the resistance on your bike.

Les Mills is an international success when it comes to Group Fitness designed with purpose for results. At DOOLEYS Health + Fitness, we deliver the best Les Mills have to offer through Body Attack, Body Pump and RPM. We encourage you to add a variety of different classes to your program to get the best results. For example, Body Attack will build your capabilities in overall fitness, Body Pump will promise an efficient and whole-body weights workout working on lean muscle and body tone and – RPM will elevate your endurance capabilities while experience conditioning of the core and lower body through changes in resistance.

All Les Mills classes are run from the main Group Fitness studio fitted out with everything you need to get the workouts DONE!

Designed to lengthen and strengthen the body through a series of floor base exercises, breathing patterns and use of props. Targets the deep posture muscles of the core and designed to strengthen and enhance muscular control and improve posture.

Mat work session designed to strengthen and stretch the body through a series of floor-based exercises and focused breathing patterns. Pilates target the deep postural muscles within the body.

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